Users who have outgrown DOS but are not yet ready to plunge into the OS/2 arena are starting to eye alternative operating systems as immediate solutions to their needs.

The introduction of OS/2 has spawned a breed of users more aware of alternatives to DOS, analysts said. While these users are frustrated by the limitations DOS imposes, they aren’t yet prepared to move to OS/2 and endure the dearth of real business applications.

One such user is Bill Santiago, a corporate director of information systems at a large Midwestern company. The introduction of OS/2, Santiago said, was primarily responsible for his decision to examine the Advanced Pick 386 operating system once it is available from Pick Systems next year.

”I guess I decided I was tired of waiting [for OS/2],” he said. ”Advanced Pick is a lot less expensive than going to OS/2, and I was really attracted to its relational database and multiuser capabilities.”

John Marvin, a corporate information-systems director at another Midwestern company, agreed. ”It would have taken forever for OS/2 applications to arrive, and I was looking for a system to start using now.” Marvin said …