A successful corporate information strategy requires sufficient vision to identify the opportunities that can be achieved through more effective use of information. Management requires a clear vision of where the company is going and how it’s going to get there.

For example, how can information be used to gain a competitive advantage, support key decision makers, integrate all functions of the organization, and link the organization with external customers and suppliers?

The primary initiator of strategic systems is the chief information officer, or CIO.

The CIO should combine an excellent understanding of business and competition with a gut feeling for technology and what can be made to work.

The CIO should initiate the analysis of strategic systems opportunities and, in general, develop the strategic systems vision. He should help other planners and executives to think in strategic systems terms.

Model of the Future

A model of future technology and strategic opportunities should be maintained by the staff of the CIO and should be added to when new ideas arise.

The model will grow more comprehensive as it is successively updated, and periodic planning sessions should use it to examine the …