puIf Fifth Generation’s new disk-utilities package had a motto, it would surely be, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This strategy pays off big in the area of disk maintenance, as anyone who has lost data to a hard-disk crash will attest. By performing automatic preventive disk scans, Public Utilities is the first disk-protection program to flag problems before they take a toll in lost data. In addition, the program provides capable disk-repair facilities that fix most data-structure-related problems.

Going Public

Geared to novice users, Public Utilities is simpler in scope and operation than heavyweight disk-maintenance packages such as Norton Utilities and MacTools. The Public Utilities application comes with a standard complement of disk-utility functions — it scans and, if necessary, repairs disks with directory or other non-hardware-related problems; it provides facilities for extracting text from corrupted files and for undeleting inadvertently erased files; and it includes a disk optimizer.

The real beauty of Public Utilities, however, is the software’s innovative Prevention control panel. Once installed, the control panel performs several important disk-maintenance functions automatically and unobtrusively. As well as storing the disk and file …